Daniel Dimitrov

Daniel Dimitrov

Daniel Dimitrov

I am a freelance product engineer with 15 years of experience and the creator of Procesoid. I am based in the EU and I work remotely for companies and individuals around the world.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Github or write an email.

👨🏻‍💻 Freelance product engineer

I help companies around the world to build web-based products and solve their digital challenges.

As an engineer, my expertise is mainly in Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Javascript. But I don't shy away from using other tech. I have worked with many different technologies during my career.

As a product guy, I have experience with product development in different stages - from product strategy to product discovery, prototyping and continuous development. I am familiar with most used product and agile methodologies that product teams use these days.

People say that I have strong analytical skills, an eye for detail and good business sense.

What I usually do

Founders & startups

I love to work with companies at a very early stage. If you are a founder with a new and shiny idea, but you lack the necessary technical expertise then I am your man!

I will help you to shape the idea and figure out how to validate it. We will design together first concepts, prototypes, MVPs and then I'll build them. When your product is ready, I'll help you to establish the development process & hire a team that can work with you full-time.

Mid-sized companies and corporations

I help owners and managers of existing companies to build new digital products, solve their digital pains, kick-off new inter company solutions, and support their product teams if they need me to do so.

This service is always tailored by your specific problems and needs, but most-commonly it includes activities such as: an initial problem analysis, interviews with users and stakeholders, requirements gathering, crafting solution proposals, prototyping & validation, establishing/fixing product development processes, establishing/fixing continuous development processes, assembling multifunctional product teams, coaching and more.

How I work and when I am available

I only work remotely. I don't sell on a project basis, I sell only my time.

If you wish, you can check some of my recommendations and past experiences on my LinkedIn.

Ready to go? Send me an email, and let's build something amazing together!

I am currently shaping the future of the Finance & Medical industry together with Starfish, and I am not available for anything bigger than small consultations until January 2022.

🎒 My projects


Back in 2015, I was looking with two of my freelance friends for a simple tool to manage our recurrent, manual processes. We didn't find anything that would fit our needs so we decided to build one. That's how I co-founded and later built the world's simplest process management app - Procesoid.

Seven years later, Procesoid is still around and is helping its loyal customers.